Are Your Windows and Doors Wasting Energy?

Are Your Windows and Doors Wasting Energy?

Do you feel drafts in your home? Do cold chills blow in from unknown spaces, or certain rooms just can’t seem to maintain the temperature of your house? You may need to consider inspecting your windows and doors to make sure they are properly sealed and not letting in or out air. You may need a professional to look at your windows and doors in York County

What You Don’t Know About Your Windows and Doors

According to the US Department of energy, the average home loses 25-30% of the heating and cooling through the windows. For example, if your heating bill is $100 every month, old or improperly sealed windows and doors may be contributing to $30 of your energy bills.

Why Good Windows Are Important

Most windows have a long lifespan but over time, they become outdated, the seal ages, and the window is no longer serving its original purpose. They are a great way to let in light, but they should not be letting in air or letting out air when they are closed. You may need to consider replacing old windows if you believe your home has this problem. New windows will ensure that everything is sealed properly and your heating and cooling is kept in your house. If you choose to replace your windows, we recommend hiring professional window services in York County.

The Installation is Just as Important

Choosing the right professional to install your windows is just as important as choosing the right windows. You want what’s best for your home and you want it to last as long as possible. 

In other words, you need a trained professional. The best window installers are going to do three things during your window installation:

Use expanding foam insulation when setting your window in place. Add another layer of fiberglass insulation, just to be sure no drafts can infiltrate the opening. Cap the outside of the window to give it a nice, finished look.

What about the doors?

The biggest openings of your house, the doors are responsible for another 10-20% heating and cooling loss from drafts and poor design. So what can you do?

Again, make sure that the opening on the inside and outside are both insulated with the correct insulating materials. The bottom sometimes called the threshold, is where most of the drafts occur. Ensure it is installed correctly with a good seal between the bottom of the door and the sweep.

New Windows and Doors

If you are ready to replace your old windows or doors today, contact Par One Construction. We are trained professionals ready to restore your home’s seal and comfort. 

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