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What Are Storm Chasing Scams?

Regarding roofing, the term applies to individuals who arrive in an area after a storm proclaiming themselves to be roofing repair "experts." They are opportunists who might offer their services for a reduced fee. But there are better long-term solutions than buying cheap, low-quality products. Although it often seems like a bargain at the time, these quick-fix contracting scams often include sub-standard jobs with hidden fees targeting homeowners in a time of distress.

How Can You Spot A Storm Chasing Scam?

The first step is making sure that haste does not affect your judgment. Take your time — if someone on your doorstep claims to be a roofing repair expert, don't jump into an agreement because you feel rushed. Finding the right company to repair roof storm damage will save you money and effort.

Secondly, speak about costs upfront. Professionals will want to be transparent about prices and happily discuss costs. It is scammers who will usually make you feel uncomfortable about asking about prices.

Why Choose A Trusted Expert

Only trust a local roofing contractor when a big storm blows through your area. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Local Knowledge Of Building Codes
  • Exceptional Warranties
  • Insurance Help
  • High-Quality, Manufacturer Backed Products
  • Trusted Financing Options

Never fall victim to the persistence of storm chasers. They are driven to make money, not fix your roof. The opposite can be said of local roofing contractors who take a direct interest in ensuring your roof looks great and lasts long.

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