Everything You Need to Know About French Doors

Everything You Need to Know About French Doors

Should You Replace Your Doors with French Doors?

If you’re thinking about remodeling your home and are considering the installation of French doors, then you may wonder what they’re all about. Everyone seems to love French doors, but what sort of benefits do they provide? Here’s what you need to know about French doors.

French Doors Emphasize Natural Light

While no one is exactly sure where French doors originated from, they are primarily in use in France. Based on Italian Renaissance architecture, which emphasized playing with natural light, French doors are primarily made of windows. It’s why when a French door is broken, you’ll need a specialist for windows and doors in York County like Par One Construction.

With large windows that take up the surface of the door, it allows natural light to flood within the room. French doors traditionally come in pairs, but you can sometimes find new designs that showcase a single French door.

The hinges are placed opposite of each other, allowing you to swing the doors either in or out on the outside corners rather than the inside.

Due to its emphasis on natural light, many homeowners choose French doors when they don’t have enough windows or when the room is still too dark.

Benefits of French Doors

You can experience many benefits when you choose French doors to take the place of your original doors. For one, French doors can cut down on energy costs. Because they allow the natural and bright light to flood a room, you’ll need to turn on the lights less. They’re also better insulated than windows. You can always rely on our window services in York to insulate and seal your windows and French doors. 

They keep the heat, or cool air, from escaping the room.

French doors also make areas feel more fluid. If you want to create a space that easily flows into the next, then French doors may be a great option for you. Opposite of that, if you want to create barriers between rooms, then French doors that replace windows with wood may be a better option.

One of the best aspects of French doors is that they can be used for both exterior and interior purposes.

Design Your Remodel with Stunning French Doors

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