How Often Should I Wash My House?

How Often Should I Wash My House?

Talking of house washing, most people think of cleaning the interior of the house. Some people clean the interior daily, or even more often when they have children. It helps keep the home safe and comfortable.

Cleaning the exterior of the house is necessary too. It can be a DIY initiative using a pressure washer or hire professionals to wash your house. It is important to care for your home’s siding in Dover Pa. Whichever method you choose, you will ensure that it is practical and convenient.

Benefits of House Washing

Improves the Appearance

Every homeowner wants to have an attractive house. Dirt, mold, and mildew can collect on the siding of the house and make it look old and dirty. Having these removed would leave the house sparkling clean and protect it from extra wear.

Washing your house can improve its value. When evaluating the home, maintenance is one of the considerations factored in. An interested buyer would be more willing to buy a cleaner and well-maintained house than a dirty one.

Eliminates Vermin

Vermin like insects, wasps, and mosquitos can be living inside cracks of the sidings. During the warm season, they would reproduce and multiply. In the cold season, they would migrate into the house and make themselves at home. Pressure washing the house would ensure that it is free of these vermin.

It also eliminates mold that would grow in these sidings to trigger respiratory allergic reactions.

How Often Should You Perform House Washing?
There is no specified time for the house to be washed. You will need to monitor it, and when a significant amount of dirt and mold build on the siding, you will need to organize a wash. However, a yearly wash is an average time you can take before you perform the next wash.

Seasons and weather can also affect your cleaning pattern. A big storm can bring along dirt and debris, so it would be ideal to be washed. Rain can cause dirt and water streaks along with the growth of mold. Washing after a long rainy season can be an appropriate initiative. Being located close to a road would also mean that it collects dirt fast, as soot and other debris are moved around by vehicles. You may notice faster dirt build-up that requires more frequent washes.

Safest Methods to Wash the House

When washing the house, the nozzle should be pointed away from people, pets, or sensitive plants. The high pressure can cause injuries and damages.

Ensure that the landscape is well rinsed throughout the wash. If you are using soap or chemicals while washing, make sure they are pet friendly and safe for the plants on your lawn.

Use soaps that are environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible. Use of brush attachment or turbo nozzles would be ideal for removing tough stains and dirt.

Always ensure to follow the guidelines given by the manufacturer of the equipment, soap, and ladder used to avoid unnecessary injuries.

How to Protect and Maintain the Sidings

When using the narrow, high-pressure nozzle, avoid aiming for one spot for too long as it can soak or damage the siding.

Do not allow soap to dry on the sidings as it can lead to streaks and damage the color of the siding.

Rinse the sidings from top to bottom. It ensures that all the soap solution and dirt are removed before it dries.

Pressure washing the exterior of your home is essential for its appearance. If you are interested in new siding or other siding tips, we specialize in siding in York County Pa. Contact Par One Construction today!

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