How Old Is My Roof? How Can I Tell?

How Old Is My Roof? How Can I Tell?

When you move into a new home or are considering purchasing one, an important question is the age of the roof. Not only will it help you know how to care for it properly and give a timeline for when it may need to be replaced or need repairs. However, it may not be readily apparent how old a home’s roof is. Several things can be done to answer this question.

Ask Those Who Might Know

This may seem obvious, but a lot of information can be gleaned from the real estate professional and the former owners. Either of these should be able to tell you when the roof was last replaced and any maintenance that has been done. Most past homeowners don’t have any issues with sharing information, particularly if they lived there a long time and have an intimate knowledge of the home and its roof. If the former homeowner doesn’t remember when the roof was replaced, they may recall the company that did it. That company would have a record to give you the date of the roof replacement. If the county where the home is located requires building permits for roof installations, there will be a record at the county clerk’s office.

Find A Professional

If none of the other options are helpful, you can contact a qualified roofing company to inspect the roof and let you know about its condition. If you are looking for roofers in York County, PA, contact the team at Par One Construction. Our team can provide a free inspection as part of preventive maintenance for the roof.

Things the professional will look for include:

  • Metal roofs with rust
  • Missing shingles
  • Damaged roofing material
  • Damaged or unfastened flashing
  • Mold
  • Past storm damage

Some wear and tear may not be immediately visible, that’s why professionals are better able to assess the condition and age of a roof system. Just because a roof may be older, does not necessarily mean that it needs to be replaced. Often problems are relatively small and can be quickly repaired.

Common examples of problems that people have with their home’s roof include:

  • Damaged roofing materials such as shingles. This can be caused by storms, sun, and simple age.
  • Damage to the roof’s water systems such as valleys and gutters that direct water away from the home. If water gets into these areas, it can cause rotting and internal damage to the home’s structural system.
  • Missing tiles or damage to metal – Tile and metal roofs are designed to last for many years, but they can still be damaged by storms, wear and tear, and age.

Getting The Help Your Roof Needs

The roof of a home needs to be maintained. It can be difficult if you’re unsure of the roof’s age or condition. There are steps that you can take to answer these questions. When you are looking for roof repair in York County, PA, call on our team of professionals at Par One Construction. We’ll inspect the roof or take care of any repairs that you need. Call today!

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