How To Inspect Your Roof Before Calling Out a Contractor

How To Inspect Your Roof Before Calling Out a Contractor

Having a well-maintained roof is crucial because it affects the structural integrity of your home and the safety of your family indoors. By having a good roof installed in your home, you’ll be assured that your family and valuables remain safe from the harmful elements outside.

Your roof is important for many reasons, which is why you should regularly have it inspected and repaired by professionals. They have the skills and tools to determine any roofing problems, assess what caused them, and come up with effective and long-term solutions.

Before you contact your local contractor, inspect your roof first. This will help you determine the condition of your roof and assess if you need roofing repairs or replacement. 

1. Look For Algae and Moss

Seeing plants grow on your roof is a bad sign. Algae and moss require moisture to thrive, so seeing any means that your roof has moisture problems. Over time, algae and moss can trap more moisture which can eventually seep into the sheathing underneath the shingles and cause the wooden structure on your roof to decay and mold.

Depending on the gravity of the problem, roofers will either use a hose to remove algae and moss from your roof or recommend that you install brand new roofing. The latter is more likely to happen if the roots already made their way under your roofing material. 

2. Check for Damaged or Missing Shingles

Shingles affect the durability of your roof, which is why you should be wary the moment you notice any damaged or missing shingles. Water can easily seep through your roof if it has too many damaged or missing shingles.

For this roofing problem, contractors usually just repair it. They will start by applying a roofing sealant under the crack, pressing a new shingle down, and applying a second bead of sealant.

3. Investigate Your Attic

If you have an attic, don’t forget to check the area and look for signs of any leaks or water damage. The attic is closest to your roof, and its condition will give you an idea of whether or not your roof is still in good shape.

Your roof likely has damage if you see water stains or leaks from the ceiling. This problem should be fixed right away as this can encourage the growth of mold indoors.

The solution to a leaking roof depends on the type of leak, the location of the roof leak, and the size of the leak. If you notice leaks in your attic, inform contractors and seek professional repairs right away!

Hire Professionals ASAP

Noticing issues with your roof should prompt you to call contractors right away. If you’re looking for affordable roofing in York, PA, and East Berlin, PA, choose Par One Construction Inc. Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in the industry and employs installers who are GAF Certified Master Elite. We can assess the condition of your roof and make high-quality repairs ASAP!

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