Identifying Siding Repair vs Replacement

Identifying Siding Repair vs Replacement

Siding is an integral part of your home’s exterior. It helps protect your home from the weather and it can also add some style to your house.

Maintaining your siding is crucial because it also helps keep your house insulated, therefore helping you save on energy costs. Moreover, quality siding can protect you from external elements.

However, if you notice any damage to your siding, you have an important decision to make. Is it better to repair or replace your siding?

When Siding Repair Is Applicable

Some siding damage can be easily repaired with at-home tools. Here are some siding situations you can fix:

Loose Siding

Some of the obvious signs that your siding needs repair are cracked or unsecured siding. This problem is evident if your siding is installed in a small area.

It’s easy to take apart two parts of the siding and find a replacement part. However, it’s best to leave significant siding damage to professionals.

Siding Dents

In most cases, panel replacements are enough to resolve a “dent” problem. Dents in your siding are often caused by hail or a ball hitting it. Regardless, marks are relatively easy to resolve.

Similar to loose or cracked siding, don’t try to change it yourself if there’s significant damage. You may do more harm than good.

Moldy Siding

Siding mold is pretty easy to treat. However, it’s critical that you completely remove it. Otherwise, your siding mold might progress to rotting. In addition, identifying how your siding got moldy in the first place can help you prevent future mold problems.

When Siding Replacement Is Necessary

Replacing siding is more expensive than repairing it. Because of this, you must identify early signs of siding damage to fix the problem as early as possible. Here are the tell-tale signs that your siding is due for replacement.

Rotting Siding

When not treated correctly, mold damage can cause your siding to rot. This damage is no longer repairable and should be addressed immediately. If you wait longer to replace your rotting siding, it might affect the surrounding areas of the damaged siding.

Water Damage

Another evident sign of destroyed siding is water damage or water stains. Siding is meant to keep water from entering your house. If water stains are seen on your siding, it means that there are cracks in your siding, allowing the water to destroy the siding from the inside.

Frequent Peeling or Cracking

Siding that constantly needs to be repaired is another sure-fire sign that your siding is due for replacement. This problem is common for siding which has not been maintained for a long time.

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