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Roofing Inspections in York, PA

Roof inspections are a form of preventative maintenance and recommended once every five years. We offer this FREE service as an alternative because sometimes those roofing problems are only minor ones! Detecting those problems early can keep them from turning into major ones. By having us complete a roof inspection, we can discover those problems early, before costing the homeowner big bucks on a roof replacement.

Why Are Regular Roof Inspections Important?

Roof inspector york pa

Our comprehensive roof inspections are FREE! Our roofing contractors will get up on the roof and check everything, walking back and forth while looking for potential exterior problems with nail pops, pipe collars, flashing, cap shingles, ridge vent, age and deterioration of the roof.

Many roofing problems can be interior and attributed to poor ventilation in the attic. Our team will check for proper ventilation and also look for any signs of water infiltration, which could be a major issue. We will then be able to make accurate recommendations on what needs to be done to ensure the longevity of your roof.

A professional roof inspector has experience walking on roofs, how to safely inspect, and knows any tell signs of damage.

Some leaks are very hard to spot when they are just starting. If you need roof repairs in York, PA, an experienced roof inspector will see the signs more easily than you, as they are trained to spot the smallest of details. 

Professional inspectors can also tell you if the damage is significant enough that you need a roof replacement in York, PA. It’s important to stay on top of your roof’s health with routine inspections. 

Par One Construction is a professional roofing contractor serving York County, PA that offers free roof inspections. Detecting roof problems early can keep them from turning into major ones. Contact our team today to schedule an inspection!