Selecting the Right Windows & Doors For Temperature Control

Selecting the Right Windows & Doors For Temperature Control

A home’s design would not be complete without windows and doors. They deliver natural light and airflow, are conducive to aesthetics, and provide a link to the outside world. Single-glazed windows and doors are typically more affordable.

We now have much better options thanks to modern technology. Doors are a marvel of engineering and design, just like many other building materials. In addition to providing a barrier between the weather and your home or office, they provide a beautiful entry setting in the process. With low-E glass, you can even get large glass panels with excellent thermal efficiency. Therefore, windows and doors help boost an energy-efficient building. They can also save a lot of energy.

Poorly designed windows, doors, or skylights can lead to hotter interiors, which make your air conditioning system less efficient. Open windows and doors naturally allow heat to enter your home. When your windows and doors are not fitted or sealed properly and have gaps and cracks around them, heat will go into your house constantly. The result is a much higher indoor temperature, which makes your air conditioner continue to run in an attempt to reduce it.

Impacts of Ill-Fitted Windows and Doors on Your Indoor Temperature

Over 40% of cool air escapes your home through cracks or gaps around windows or skylights

Summer temperatures in a room can rise 100 times more through an unshaded window than through an awning

A gap or crack around a door, window, or skylight can cause your power bill to increase by 25 percent

How To Prevent These Scenarios

Choose a window that is appropriate for your area. When purchasing windows, consider the window’s energy rating. By better insulating your home, you can save money with this system.

If you’re building or replacing windows in your home, research your contractor. Your home’s windows will be properly sealed and fit correctly if you hire a contractor with a high reputation for customer satisfaction.

Your home’s doors should be weather-stripped. In addition to light entering through cracks or spaces around your door, heat is also getting in through these areas. Your home’s doors should be properly sealed with weather stripping so that heat does not escape.

Learn More & Protect Your Home

Our team uses two types of insulation to seal your windows. For small spaces, we use spray foam insulation. This foam expands to fit your window. To ensure that everything is sealed completely, we also use Owens Corning fiberglass insulation.

A cap of aluminum will be applied to the outside of the windows so they appear attractive from the outside. The interior trim work will be painted or stained by us as well.

The doors we install come in all shapes and sizes, and all makes and models. A lifetime guarantee is available with the doors we recommend, which are made by Therma-Tru. The door installer of your choice will come directly to your home and install your door properly. Selecting the right door can significantly enhance your home’s appearance.

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