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Siding Installation Near York, Adams, and Cumberland Counties

Our team provides high-quality work that will be sure to withstand harsh winter seasons as well as severe summer thunderstorms. There is more than meets the eye in correct siding installation and we make sure to cover every detail with expert precision while using technicians who are Vinyl Institute certified.

We handle new construction as well as siding installation on older homes in need of an upgrade. All of the latest ways to make your home durable and attractive are an everyday routine for our team. We install siding that will last.

Exterior Siding Installation Services Near York, PA

Whether it’s window services near York County, PA, or something to do with your siding in York Springs, you need to make sure it’s handled by the best. Letting an inexperienced company handle the exterior means you could leave yourself in a bad situation later. If they don’t install or repair the exterior properly, then your home could be exposed to water damage for several years before you notice anything wrong.


Siding Options and Quality

When deciding on a siding for your home, there are things to consider. First, are the different grade options. Less expensive siding options with lower grades will look nice upon installation. However, lesser grades of siding do not take long to split, deteriorate, and self-destruct. That could happen in as little as a year.

Due to this, the minimum we will offer is a grade of 044. To compare, a builder’s grade used on new construction is 040. A grade of 044 is a higher end, more premium grade, and will be able to withstand hail the size of golf balls. The grade of siding is generally dictating by its thickness.


Vinyl Siding

If you opt to go with vinyl siding, there are different architectural styles and colors to choose from. The first step in the process is deciding on which vinyl is right for your home. You can choose from Cedar Shake, Vinyl Log, and much more. An advantage when choosing vinyl siding is that there is no special cleaners needed to maintain its upkeep. Just hose it off and your siding will return to a brand-new look.


Cement Board Siding

This is a popular choice and is an enhancement above a vinyl siding. It is a very durable and also a rugged kind of siding. It is very true in its look and offers the appearance of actual wood more so than vinyl siding. Cement board siding stands up to tough weather and its only downside is that it is a painted product with a paint warranty that lasts 15-25 years.


House Wraps

With every siding installation, we include a house wrap. House wraps are a moisture barrier which allows moisture to pass only one way. Moisture from inside the house can breathe and get out, but the outside rain and weather cannot get in. A house wrap also stops air transference. It is not an insulator but does prohibit air from coming through.


Siding Repair

The elements of nature can take a toll on your home’s siding. Severe winds can actually rip vinyl siding clear off your home, leaving you with a terrible eyesore. That is when it is time to call in the professionals at Par One Construction. Our siding repair service will restore the quality of your siding and get your home back to looking the way it should. There are a number of reasons why you may need to call for siding repair, such as:

  • Hailstorms
  • Windstorms
  • Window leaks

Be sure to call before there is further damage done to your home, due to damaged siding!


The Skill of Matching Siding

Matching up siding is not always as easy as it sounds. It truly requires skill. Vinyl siding purchased a year prior to sustaining damage are generally easier to replace. However, siding that is ten years old is not so easily replaced. Manufacturers will change their lineups quite frequently, which sometimes makes it difficult to get an exact match. We are very good at matching up siding, but there are times when outdated siding will call for more than just a replacement since that type of siding is no longer exists.

A common problem some homeowners will hear from siding contractors is they cannot get that same kind of siding due to a discontinuation of that particular style of siding. That would then mean that the entire home would need to be resided to make sure all the siding matches. Par One will lobby for homeowners in these instances recommending to insurance companies that the entire house needs to be resided with matching vinyl. That extra nudge from a reputable siding contractor like Par One often convinces insurance companies to approve the entire residing of a home.

The Best Siding Services in York, PA

If your siding is starting to look a little drab or worse for wear, then it may be time to either have it repaired or replaced. Because of how important siding is to the safety of your home, it's vital that you choose a professional company to perform siding installation for you. At Par One Construction, you can always expect our contractors to treat you like family. Here's what you need to know about our siding installation and other solutions in York Springs.

We'll Keep Your Exterior Siding Looking Brand New in York, PA

Just like our deck services in York, PA, we always strive to make sure your exterior siding looks great and functions well. We can perform several different projects on your siding in York County, PA like the following:

  • Siding repair
  • Siding replacement
  • Siding installation

When you need the exterior of your home inspected, then it should come from our trusted contractors in York Springs. We'll carefully inspect the exterior to look for any kind of damage, then help you decide whether you need a repair or a replacement.

We can also help new homeowners choose their exterior and install it for them in York County, PA. When you have your exterior professionally installed, it shows.