Signs of Aging Windows

Signs of Aging Windows

Managing your office or household is a difficult task. With so many things to fix and look out for, it’s understandable that most people often forget to maintain their windows.

People don’t prioritize window fixes unless serious problems have already manifested. However, windows are generally the first to cause major issues in your property, even though you’re unaware of them.

As your home ages, so do your windows, and there are telltale signs of the necessity to replace them. In this post, we’re going to outline some of the most common but generally unknown symptoms of aging windows and why you should address them immediately via a replacement.

Difficulty Opening and Closing Your Windows

Although not every window will be hard to operate as they age, once opening and closing them feels like a chore for you, then it’s time to replace them

Windows are affected by changing temperatures in your home and office and, given the constant shrinking and expansion of the house over time, the frames of your windows may have been affected by this despite not being visible.

Replacing your windows due to these conditions is critical to prevent safety hazards from occurring. For example, if left unaddressed, your windows might slam shut unexpectedly which would potentially hurt someone. Imbalanced windows can also lead to difficulty of exit if an emergency happens.

Extra Draftiness Despite Closed Windows

If you feel cold in your room even though you’ve slammed your windows shut already, this is a telltale sign of a dysfunctional window.

While it is true that all windows allow for air to come in, you are not supposed to experience the outside cold breeze once they are shut. An obvious symptom of draftiness can be seen through loose frames and sashes caused by wear and tear.

You can opt to reapply airtight seals, but this is just a temporary remedy at best. Replacing your windows is the best solution, especially if you want to save on the costs incurred by your home and office’s heating and cooling systems.

Visible Fogging on Panes

You may have seen your windows fog up from time to time, but this is not always a sign to replace them. Internal condensation, however, should tell you that your window’s seal has failed.

Condensation or fogging up means that water vapors were able to penetrate the gap in the middle of the glass panes, and consequently, the wood and the inside of your house.

If you plan on using your windows as some sort of thermal barrier, then replacing them in the event of condensation is certainly worth the investment. York, PA, roofing companies can help with this.

Consider Getting Your Windows Replaced

Looking for window services in York County? Aging windows pose a threat to your safety and quality of living. You shouldn’t experience the hazards of an aging window or pay more for your electricity because of A/C overuse.

If you experience any of the issues we mentioned above, then it’s best to hire our window replacement services, located in York County. Contact us today and we will help you address your window replacement needs.

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