Rick McAllister

Rick McAllister


Rick loves to work in and support the local community that he and his wife Tammie have been a part of since 1986. They have resided in and raised their family in York County. Both of Rick and Tammie’s sons graduated from Dover School District.

Rick comes from a military background, and while he’s known as easy going, he does insist on things being done the right way. He has always been a “fixer” if someone has a problem . . . at home or in the office, Rick is always available to listen and help. But even beyond all of that when you get to know Rick, you may be rather amused by his sense of humor and how he can get excitable when it comes to his passions.

If you don’t see Rick at the office, he may just be enjoying some live music or the fresh mountain air, as he loves to travel and go camping with his family.

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