The Best Door Material To Match Your Siding Color

The Best Door Material To Match Your Siding Color

Matching the colors of your window siding with your exterior door material can be challenging, especially if you don’t have a knack for exterior design.

The Three Primary Materials for Exterior Doors

Most exterior doors fall into one of the three primary door materials: steel, fiberglass, or wood. Whichever one you choose is entirely based on your preferences.

These door materials come in varying colors and designs, so the coordination of your door and siding will depend on what color you choose for your door. Here’s how you can choose between the three primary materials.


Strong and highly durable steel doors are perfect for low-maintenance homeowners. Unlike other door materials, steel doors are more efficient and long-lasting. Neutral colors such as gray, white, or black will look perfect on a steel door.


A wood exterior door is a classic option among the materials listed here. Although wood doors are highly durable, maintaining them can be pretty hard. Earthy tones such as dark brown to mahogany are perfect for wood doors.


Perhaps a more popular choice for most people, fiberglass doors offers the best of both worlds. Fiberglass doors are durable and low-maintenance, and they can also imitate the natural aesthetic of wood doors.

Most colors combine well with fiberglass. Fiberglass doors are a popular option for modern homeowners because of their flexibility in design and durability as a door.

The Best Door and Siding Combinations


Go Monochrome

Black is a universal favorite color. A lot of people associate black with extravagance and luxury. You can opt for a black steel or fiberglass door with black siding. Or, you can always go white on white if black isn’t for you.

Go Bold With Blue

Blue fiberglass doors with gray or white siding combine perfectly to give that nautical feel. As both colors are muted, most people will find it easy and pleasing to the eye.

Red Wood Doors Are Versatile

Redwood doors are perfect for giving that classic American household aesthetic. Since red is a very versatile color, you can match any siding with it. You can go for a red and brown combination to complete a rustic look or go red and white for a safer choice.

Dark Green Doors 

Dark green fiberglass paired with white or gray siding is perfect for that dark forest look. It’s ideal for people who are not yet ready to go out of their comfort zone but still want to make a statement.

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