The History Of The Par One Construction Family

The History Of The Par One Construction Family

May 1, 2000, was when Rick McAllister started the Par One Construction Family in East Berlin, PA. Although we are not all blood-related, we still think of our team as one big family. Family life is essential to Par One Construction. We believe that when our employees have a happy family life it will show in their job performance. It is this belief that makes Par One Construction team the best roofers in York, PA.

In Search of More Family Time

Rick McAllister left his full-time career to have more family time. In the beginning, he had a partner; however, he and his partner went their separate ways in 2002. Rick chose to continue the business on his own and it only continued to grow over the next several years. 

A Family Affair

Tammie McAllister has been married to Rick for more than three decades. When she joined the team, she acted as the first office manager. In 2010, their son Patrick joined the team and became a full partner with Rick in 2021. Patrick is now running the business almost entirely, although Rick is still on hand offering guidance and advice.

Family is the Number One Priority 

Rick McAllister and his team have always placed family life as a number one priority. Although the team at Par One Construction, we are still one big family. We believe our employees should prioritize their families as well. Our employees are encouraged to spend quality time with their families. It does not matter if it is a child’s sporting event or a sickness in the family. We want our employees to remain a big part of every event within their families. When a person is happy at home with their families, this shows in a quality work attitude and product. 

Offering Local Support

The Dover little league team has always been able to count on the support of Par One Construction. During the past year, we constructed and donated three sheds to be used as storage for sporting equipment. The local high school teams have also been able to count on our support every year. Each year, Par One Construction as a participant in the Roof Rescue Project gives away a completely new roof to one needy family. Here at Par One Construction, we are always seeking new ways to help the community.

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Whatever your roofing needs are– hail damage, roofing inspection, repairs, or a complete replacement, we do it all. Contact Par One Construction for a free estimate. We offer free roofing inspections and advice about preventative maintenance. To work with our local family and the best roofers in York, PA, call us at 717-292-0761. At Par One Construction, we treat all our customers as though they were a part of the extended family!

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As the owner of Par One Construction, my priorities are my customers and my family. I pride myself in the quality of work we perform and the relationships we build as I strive to continually grow a business that I can pass down to my sons and grandsons.