The Pros and Cons of Having a Skylight

The Pros and Cons of Having a Skylight

In architecture, skylights are windows on the roof that offer daylight and ventilation. These structures utilize transparent materials such as glass or plastic that heat and cool homes as necessary. However, skylights can lead to accumulated heat in the summer, or lost heat in the winter with poor skylight craftsmanship.

Consider getting professional roofing contractors in Hanover, PA to ensure an expertly installed skylight in your home. With over 20 years of experience in the business, Par One Construction has established itself among the top 3% of roofing contractors in Pennsylvania. Here are some of the benefits of having our expert team handle your home’s skylight.

Skylight Pros

Here are the standard advantages of having a skylight in your home:

Extra Lighting: Skylights offer natural light. The room directly under the roof where you install a skylight can remain well-lit even during cloudy days, which can be useful if the room has no direct access to walls facing your home’s exterior for window space. This extra light will also help you save on energy bills. Consider getting a skylight to replace costly artificial light fixtures.

Improved Ventilation: Properly installed skylights can bring fresh air into your space. At the same time, an operable skylight can release the accumulated hot air near a ceiling to keep your room cool. These structures tend to open outward, while others have vents attached to hidden panels, depending on which one fits your home best.

Aesthetic Value: Skylights offer luxury. These structures brighten up the room where they are installed, highlighting its best features. The luxurious ambiance that skylights bring also boosts your property’s overall value. Homebuyers (if you intend to sell your home in the future) are more likely to choose your home than other regular homes for sale in your area.

Skylight Cons

Most cons associated with having skylights involve poor construction. Here are common problems with improperly installed skylights:

Water Leaks: Skylights require thoroughly sealed joints to ensure no water leaks into your room. Professional roofing contractors can also apply sheet waterproofing layers to boost moisture protection.

Extra Maintenance: Although skylights are like windows, they require more maintenance measures than regular wall side windows. Still, you can clean your skylight as often as you clean your roof. Your cleaning frequency may depend on your environment, like if you have trees that risk dropping objects on your roof or if you experience severe weather changes.


Skylights offer aesthetics and functionality alike. These structures bring light and ventilation to your home’s upper rooms. Manufacturers utilize different energy-efficient technologies in skylight materials, including insulated glazing, heat-absorbent tint, low-emissivity coatings, and translucent insulation materials.

These energy-efficient materials will only be useful with the right installation practices. Consider getting in touch with our roofing company in East Berlin, PA for any concerns you might have about skylight installation. Our team of seasoned contractors understands how these special materials work and can apply the best practices when installing skylights in any Pennsylvania home. Call Par One Construction today at 717-292-0761.

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