Things That Can Endanger Your Roof

Things That Can Endanger Your Roof

Keep Your Roof Safe By Looking For These Dangers

One of the most important parts of the home is the roof. It keeps your family safe and comfortable. Yet there are many things out there that would harm the roof and decrease its lifespan. Considering how expensive a roof repair in Mechanicsburg, PA can be, you may want to avoid these dangers to extend the life of your roof. Here are a few dangers you should watch out for.

1. Moss

The first sign that your roof is in trouble is if you see moss. Particularly potent in wet climates, moss starts to grow in the presence of water and some sort of food source. It poses a risk because it traps moisture. By continuously keeping your roof wet and soggy, it can start to damage it. Your roof may rapidly degrade.

Luckily, moss moves slowly. When you first notice it, you should call our residential roofers in Mechanicsburg, PA to get rid of it. When the moss is still small in number, it can be removed before it starts to do heavy damage.

2. Trees

One of the biggest, and most common, dangers your roof may face is trees. While trees can look great in your yard and do a wonderful job of providing shade for the roof, it can also threaten it. Older trees that are large and have weak root systems are a danger. If they extend over your roof or lean in its direction, then it may only be a matter of time before something happens to blow it down on the roof.

It may be a strong storm. It may be just the gradual decay of its root system. Either way, if a tree rests close to your home and falls on it, your roof is going to need serious help.

The best action you can take is to keep trees away from the roof. While they can grow quite large around the perimeter, you should keep checking to see if the length threatens the roof in any way. Tree trimming is a great way to enjoy your trees and ensure they remain at a safe height.

3. The Heat

One quiet killer of your roof is the sun. During hot days, UV rays from the sun can start to deteriorate your roof. It can make the shingles expand and shrink rapidly, which can cause them to crack.

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