Tips on Getting Your Windows Ready for the Summer Heat

Tips on Getting Your Windows Ready for the Summer Heat

An extremely hot day has the potential to make you miserable even if you never venture outside your home. For instance, if the windows of your house have sustained storm damage, heat could leak inside. To assess the state of your windows and prep for the summer heat, you can turn to professional window services in York County.

Test Windows Ahead of Time

Tried-and-true window techniques to stay as cool as possible include the following:

  • Check windows (and doors) for air leaks. Get any leaks fixed right away. Caulking or weatherstripping usually does the trick.
  • Use white or specially insulated blinds, shades, or drapes that reflect sunlight away from the home.
  • Keep blinds, drapes, curtains, windows, and doors closed all day.
  • Focus most on windows that face south or west.
  • Install window awnings.
  • Consider replacing aging windows with energy-efficient ones. If you can’t afford this, inexpensive plastic sheets should do in a pinch. Aging windows are those 10 years old or older.

It’s possible that just a few minutes of your time will make a huge difference in your comfort and monthly utility bills.

Check Windows for Air Leaks

One way to check windows for air leaks is to hire a technician. This person can do an energy assessment that includes a blower door test. This test can pinpoint the locations of multiple leaks throughout your home.

Otherwise, visually inspect windows for leaks. Look for cracks and holes where window and siding meet. Try to rattle the windows. If you’re able to move your windows, you may have air leaks.

You can also try a flashlight test in which you turn off the lights inside the home. Look through the bottom or sides of your window to see if daylight is coming through. If you happen to be checking on a cold day, hold your hand an inch from the window and see if you can feel cool air drafts. Air leak repairs involve caulk and a caulking gun, a putty knife, or weatherstripping, but these measures are temporary.

Definitely contact a professional as soon as possible if your inspections uncover rotting or moldy windows, or if your windows are hard to open or close. You should also seek help if you find condensation on a single-pane window or between the glass on double-pane windows.

Contact a Professional to Prep Windows for Summer Heat

If you suspect your house has storm damage near Spring Grove, it is possible that your windows will let too much heat inside your house and make your summer memorable for all the wrong reasons. 

Contact a professional at Par One Construction today to look at your windows and make any suggestions. We offer free consultations along with various window and home repair services.

P.S. We also offer Low-E Glass, an invisible tint that stops the sun’s rays from passing through windows.

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