Top Roofing Materials For Someone Who Wants to Add Solar Panels To Their Roof

Top Roofing Materials For Someone Who Wants to Add Solar Panels To Their Roof

Solar energy is a growing topic for homeowners. Increasing incentives for solar installations has decreased reliance on fossil fuels and helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With these incentives come various choices in the materials used to make solar panels. Before you settle on roofing materials and solar panel installations, consult a local roofing contractor in York County, PA to learn what is best for your home. 


Asphalt tiles are one option worth considering if you’re concerned about the wear of your roof. Asphalt is rigid and resistant to heat, making it very durable. When installing an asphalt roof, you must reinforce the roofing material before adding solar panels to ensure they don’t damage the structure. Consider using solar shingles or shingles recommended by solar companies instead of regular asphalt shingles. 

Slate Tile

Slate tiles are a great roofing choice because they can withstand high temperatures. Slate is a heavier material and is often selected for its longevity and visual aesthetic. Solar panels are easily anchored against slate tiles using brackets, so as to not crack the tiles. 


Metal roofs are best for someone who does not want to leave any visible evidence that their roof contains solar panels. Metal roofs are one of the easiest to install solar panels on while remaining tough enough to withstand high temperatures. They are strong enough to support the weight of solar panels, mounting racks, and hardware, making them one of the most popular choices for solar panels. Additionally, when installed on a metal roof, solar panels work at peak energy efficiency. 

Solar panels allow you to reduce your monthly electric bill and offer an opportunity to make a passive income during peak times or by selling excess electricity back to your utility provider. Solar panels are a great option for anyone with a roof that receives optimal sunlight throughout the day. Contact our roofing experts today for more information! 

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