What To Know About The Roof Of A New Home Before Buying One

What To Know About The Roof Of A New Home Before Buying One

While you’re in the process of buying a new home and doing your due diligence on the home’s condition, one area you don’t want to overlook is the roof. Roofs that have issues usually aren’t too easily noticed at first, but if there are hidden problems, you could be looking at tens of thousands of dollars in re-roofing or major structural repairs. While on average a home’s roof should last about 20-30 years or even 50 years in some cases, it’s a good idea to have reputable roofing contractors like our roofing contractors in York County PA inspect the roof to make sure you’re not looking at a major additional cost in addition to buying the home.

Check The Shingles Or Other Roof Surface

The shingles are certainly far from the only component of the roof, but they are the most noticeable. If there are any missing shingles, chances are it’s been a while since they’ve been installed, or possibly there’s an underlying problem underneath them. The type of shingles matter too because heavier shingles generally will hold up better. But beware because some shingles are made artificially heavier and can deteriorate more easily as a result.

Look For Dry Rot On The Roof

If the roof is showing signs of rotting, there will need to be a major overhaul done on it. You also should look out for preventive measures taken against rotting, especially with ventilation. Your roof needs good ventilation to prolong its life and reduce the impact of extreme temperatures on the shingles or decking underneath it. If the ventilation system is poor, you’ll want to factor in any cost it would take to improve it should you purchase the home.

Have The Valley And Gutters Checked

One of the more important areas of your roof is the valley because it’s the main place for water drainage. Better constructed valleys are usually metal-based and have an effective funneling system for the water to get to the gutters. The gutters should also be checked to make sure they aren’t leaking or clogged and to make sure they carry water away from the house.

Figure Out If The Price Of The Home Can Be Adjusted For The Roof Condition

Depending on what kind of realtor you’re working with, if the roof condition indicates the need for extensive repairs, you could work with the seller to lower the price to offset the price. In some cases, the seller is required to provide documentation on any issues found during an inspection. If you can’t get a lower price and don’t plan on spending money on upgrades like the roof, it’s probably better to just walk away.

Working with roofs and inspecting them has to be done very carefully to make sure no unnecessary damage happens. Plus you’re better off getting opinions on the condition of the roof from experts who’ve worked on roofs for a while. If you’re considering buying a new home and are going to need roofing done, contact our roofing company in York PA today to find out about our work, or to receive an estimate.

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