Winter Warning Signs To Schedule Window Replacements

Winter Warning Signs To Schedule Window Replacements

While it may not seem obvious at first whether you should replace your windows, there are several signs you can look for. For one, you may notice a cold draft coming in and wonder why this is so. You can even lower your energy bills by replacing your windows. These signs can help you decide if you need replacement windows in winter.

Your Energy Bills are Higher

The main reason why a home can lose heat in winter is because of old windows. Your windows should last up to 15 to 20 years. Even if you don’t notice any other signs of needing your windows replaced, replacing your old windows could still be a smart way to keep them functioning the way they should. The long-term solution to maintaining your interior temperature is window replacement.

Cold Drafts are Coming In

Drafts can occur from failed window seals or a warped sash or frame. You may notice the wind blowing your curtains or feel a cold draft when you walk by. Temporary fixes such as caulk won’t work nearly as well as window replacements because drafty windows usually worsen with time. Besides this, you may notice your cooling and heating bills are higher and this is the likely culprit.

Wind Causes Windows to Rattle

Windows that rattle or vibrate may have a faulty window system. This could be because the sash became looser or maybe the windowpane isn’t attached to the frame securely. As time goes by, your window system can progressively grow weaker as it’s exposed to harsh weather conditions such as snow, rain, and winds. If this problem isn’t fixed soon enough, your windows may become more drafty and noisy than ever. But searching for window services in York can give you peace of mind so you can forget about problems with your windows.

Condensation is on the Window Glass

Another sign your window system is failing can be if you see condensation between the window’s two glass panes or if you notice fog on your windows. One thing that’s not usually considered a problem is when the sun warms the window’s surface in the morning and the window glass has condensation on the outside of it. Otherwise, you probably have failing window seals.

Water is Leaking Into Your Home

Whether your home is old or new, you may have the problem of water leaking into the interior of your home. This could be due to inferior workmanship during installation or low-quality windows that could have been installed in a new home. Or you might have the problem of bad window frames in an old home. Water could leak in from rotting window frames or the window glass could start to become detached. No matter what, water leakages can damage floors or even lead to injuries.

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